My name is Theo Hicks. I am a 26 year old millennial that is a full-time real estate investor, author, and host of the Unplugged Podcast.

The goal of the Unplugged Podcast is to help the struggling millennial generation to climb the ladder of consciousness in order to question the normally accepted blueprint of how society and culture tells us to live our lives.

Unplugged is defined as “disconnecting, severing the connection, and disengaging from normal activities.

I have found through my personal experiences that these normal activities, living a strictly external and materialistic driven life, do not result in true fulfillment. If fulfillment is your goal, the only way to get there is by turning inward and becoming Unplugged!

I will provide a raw, uncut, authentic, and true Unplugged Perspective on all aspects of life.

  • I will analyze how I have already become Unplugged from certain aspects of my life, as well as discuss current areas of my life where I am still struggling to become Unplugged.
  • I will provide useful exercises that I have used or am currently using to become Unplugged.
  • I will provide an Unplugged Perspective on society, culture, and current events from around the world.
  • I will have conversations with different guests to provide an Unplugged Perspective on current events, success, and life in general.

Follow me on this journey and we will raise our awareness to levels that we didn’t believe were possible. Ultimately, we will work towards achieving what we really want in life, and more importantly deserve, FULFILLMENT.

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